Often people ask me where my confidence comes from? And so often I’ve seen many of my friends in their early twenties have seemed very confident, and they would answer firmly, “I guess I was just born with it.”

It’s nonsense. I don’t believe that for a second. Confidence as part of your genetic lottery? That’s a cause of ignorance I’d say. Every-now-and-then when you encounter difficult situations, meet knowledge that is previously unknown, or when you see a future that you can’t grasp, who’d dare not have a guilty conscience, not feel fearful, or not experience a great deal of not confident at all in themselves?

I’ve just turned 24, and think I understand a few things about self-confidence now. Having it isn’t about being a cheerleader to cheer yourself up from the inside out until your team win the game. “I am confident!” you could shout in front of a mirror until you’re hypnotised. But would it let you have a great start of your successful career? have a tremendous amount of earning? Or be a winner in life that has it all? Doubtful.

In my dictionary, there’s only “self-knowledge” and “what you’ve got now” able to define and build upon on the word,  (your) self-confidence. We are all born with nothing, and we have zero knowledge. I don’t get why some people (many, in fact) have a belief so strong that they think they know everything and can do anything. Are they overly optimistic? I have no clue!

The most important thing while you living is to figure out what you want in life and know what kind of person you want to become.

We are not the ant. It is against our nature to live inside of someone else’s measurement system and lineups!

So you see how important it is to evaluate yourself to know yourself. Sadly people spend the least time on it.

There are two advantages, after knowing what you want to get out of life: first, you won’t jealous of what other have, and you won’t take other people for comparison, so peace is what you’ll get in return. Second, you will not give up and compliant about the efforts that you have put in until you have accomplished all of your goals, so just keep going! Your willingness is priceless! Happiness, love and lust, or get rich. No matter what you choose, you’ll be happy, wouldn’t it?

Knowing yourself enough means you would understand that not everyone would like you, and not everything is under your control. So you would have an early objective knowledge of failure and criticism. Thus, you won’t feel hurt and trouble by failure as much, and people may perceive that you’re a confident individual. 

If you know yourself enough, you could see and measure the distance between the reality and your goals anytime. And that distance would be your reason for continuous hard work, thereby to be more excellent more efficiently. 

And whatever you do, please do not be the type of person who thinks they could be anything and accomplish anything without a drop of sweat. Do not pretend God! And I tend to stay away from people like that because I don’t need a slogan to tell me how I should live my life and neither should you.

Knowledge and ability, are solid and endless, and are the only currency for self-confidence, it applies to everyone.

Only the foolish “think” they have the confidence, they thought it was a “feeling”; so they buy clothes to “feel” good, go on dates to “feel” they are attractive and being wanted, and travel the globe to “feel” they are cultured. Shallow perhaps?

To those who are content are wealthy and to those who preserve have willpower,

are the one who knows what they desire, knows what to become, knows what makes one’s happy and make-up one’s happiness. In your life, there is nothing more important than knowing yourself and walking toward your goals. Choose your life, believe in fate and karma (or law of attraction, whichever works), be tough and be kind, and maybe, one day you’ll be that incredible confident guy in the eyes of others who you’ve always wanted to become.


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