If the colour white represents ‘Birth’. Then red must be representing the root energy of all being that is ‘Sex’. Black is then for a representation of ‘Death’. A series of photography, project titled, The Forbidden Cycle, by Rose Ng perfectly captured the emphasis of the forbidden conversations that are not allowed or appropriate for an open discussion within the traditions of Chinese culture.

The subtext of The Forbidden Cycle is about the inability of individuals who attempt to alter their destiny from its root. However, failed, as they are bounded harmoniously as a whole.

Rose Ng is Australian born, grew up in between Hong Kong and Australia, and a Melbourne based photographer who fascinates within the realm of minimalism, cultural traditions, symmetry, geometry, and sex & gender. In her interpretation of such perspective is captured through the human form, which hidden messages are being signified by that.

As I take this opportunity for the Birth of The Forbidden Cycle is currently exhibited at Sense 99 in Hong Kong, and here is the first of her photography series on The Forbidden Cycle – Birth.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Rose. 

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MODEL // @Eros_Liu @Matty_Cheng    WEARING // UNIQLO

For more of the series visit // @rosepophalf

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