What do you think of our society? I know I love it too. Shopping is extremely accessible, right. Whether we’re buying a Beyoncé’s concert tickets online, la prairie eye cream, Chinese take out delivery, or an ASOS discounted jeans on your iPhone, shopping is a huge part of our everyday lives. Not to mention there’re […]

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Often people ask me where my confidence comes from? And so often I’ve seen many of my friends in their early twenties have seemed very confident, and they would answer firmly, “I guess I was just born with it.” It’s nonsense. I don’t believe that for a second. Confidence as part of your genetic lottery? […]

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The term “Two-Spirit” has gone on a long journey to finding its identity for decades. Before that “Berdache” was a French term to classify Native American who neither as men nor women, which is a discrimination term on homosexual acts. Though It was a beautiful thing that was encouraged to do before the arrival of […]

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If the colour white represents ‘Birth’. Then red must be representing the root energy of all being that is ‘Sex’. Black is then for a representation of ‘Death’. A series of photography, project titled, The Forbidden Cycle, by Rose Ng perfectly captured the emphasis of the forbidden conversations that are not allowed or appropriate for an open discussion within the traditions of […]

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